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Proud to see what the folks at have achieved with the public beta launch of their cooking robot Nosh.

Starting up is hard. Starting up a hardware business is doubly hard. I was introduced to IKP Eden, a unique hardware focussed incubator/ makerspace/ workspace when I had to setup, having moved to Bengaluru. This unique institution located in Koramangala, right opposite the Forum Mall has been the birthplace of many successful start-ups like Niramai, Hyperverge, Jainitri and Skylark Drones.

Well, this post is to talk briefly about an innovative product launch by bunch of driven engineers who were my desk-neighbours at IKP Eden. We have both now moved out of IKP but I guess our companies still…

Part 1 here. Thought that things would end there, but they evidently didn’t.

My motivation: To document the ATROCIOUS user experience on a government portal in the hope that it helps other users avoid my pitfalls and that someday, someone from the portal development team actually reads it and attempts to make things better to give “Atmanirbhar India” a chance.

I finally was able to sign up but ONLY after turning on ‘compatibly view’ for in Internet Explorer 11 on 18th Feb.

On turning this on, all the links on the first…

Sorry I’m in a mood to rant a bit. Background: I run a small smart-devices startup and we’ve been trying to send a small shipment to a customer in the US.

Ease of Doing Business, my foot! It’s been 10 frikkin days trying to decipher the entire export machinery. 😡

It’s all ‘electronic’ and ‘online’. But there’s nothing worse than badly implemented ‘digital India’. Its cruel and insensitive, to say the least. If its difficult for a tech-savvy user like me, I shudder to imagine what others might be going through.

There’s no point trying to scream at the…

Most families nowadays would have at least one member who wears spectacles. These correctional eye fixtures compensate for our short sight, long sight or other optical deficiencies by using lenses that bend the light in the required fashion.

Say, we win the viral battles,
Clap cloistered in our homes,
But lose our human souls,
As old men clobbered fall;
What victory do we celebrate?
In fact, we’ve lost the war!
We may have read the memos,
But we’ve surely lost the plot,
Humans sans humanity,
Are no humans at all.

Random thoughts. Essay 2

Our entire mental machinery is perhaps the size of a melon with a 6 inch radius and our bodies about 6 feet tall. Consequently, most of our perspective is on things that big. 99% of all that we think, speak and do are geared to be on a similar scale. One may perhaps include things that are about 100 times as large and about 100 times as small and we’d cover 99.9% of everything that 99.9% of us see, do and hear 99.9% of our lives.

It is perhaps an evolutionary trait, a necessary(?) cognitive bias, that helps most creatures…

Random thoughts. Essay 1

Image by Lisa Caroselli from Pixabay

The internet is effectively our exo-brain. A two-way, information multi-lane highway. Sure, we have limited machine interfaces as of now, color touch screens and voice interfaces, but this is set to change soon with neural interfaces. (Here’s a fun blast to the past link to my 2006 blog post on it :)

This highway though is not without its inherent flaws. The biggest one is that of trust. Pre-internet, trust was all about a firm handshake. A subtle glance at the face of the counter-party was sufficient to decipher the creases on their faces, the twitch on their eyes, the…

It takes conscious effort to realize that we are all small parts of a larger whole. It sometimes takes a lifetime to understand that it’s the little things that we take for granted, that matter the most. In a world that’s increasingly disconnecting people with virtual links, we need explicit reminders that our very survival depends on what surrounds us.

There have been a few instances that have highlighted this thought. One such was when I watched a Veritasium YouTube video by Derek Muller, which attempted to answer a simple question: What was the cause and substance for the bulk/…

Image by Gundula Vogel from Pixabay

His childhood was spent, preparing to grow up.

Teenage? Got traded: In dressing just right up.

The 'lil child inside though had long since wizened up,

Life had, like games; warp-zones and level-ups.

Well, one by one, the hours slipped away,

In pursuits and passions, mortgages and paydays.

Straining to find now, the tune that had once swayed,

His heart; now on pills just to beat another day.

His old man he smiled, popped open his pill-box;

Like candies, his potions, in different hues and blocks.

‘Way more than my lot!’ thought the young man in his heart,

‘Welcome to pillhood’, said the ‘ol chap with a laugh.

“I see people”

Once upon a time there was the simple Internet and it was designed for people to exchange content with each other. Since it was implied that this Internet of People (IoP) was for obviously for people, it was simply known as the Internet.

“People; meet Things”

Then came the Things. Smart devices, sensors and what not! Apparently, some smart people deemed that the Things should start communicating on their own too. This led to the birth of the Internet of Things (IoT).

“People-talk vs Things-speak”

Now the way people communicate is way different from the way things do. We, the people, for instance, love to do…


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