A few weeks ago I reflected on artists who’d remain undiscovered just because their art might not be what sustains them. (Read more about that here: Stories)

It seems to be a sad truth, that many good stories tend to stay hidden among us. In plain sight. Either due to circumstances, per chance, or per choice.

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a tiny story discovered in a tiny workspace that I work out of called IKP Eden, Bengaluru (more on this wonderful place in a later post). Read on…

Meet Banajit Das.

Banajit works as a security guard and was assigned to this office recently.

The office (IKP), keeps a courier register which is used to track all courier deliveries made to this address. Well usually, the scribbles are pretty wild on its pages, almost rivaling a doctor’s prescription. One fine morning I opened the register to see entries made in the finest of writing, almost calligraphic! Intrigued, I asked the man behind the desk. That’s when he admitted almost apologetically that the writing was indeed his and that he was an artist at heart but a watchman for the world. It was a pleasant surprise.

When I probed him further, he reluctantly took out his art file. He says he’s been fond of art since he was a kid and always carried his art file and the tools of his trade along, to colour up his spare moments.

Take a glimpse at a small sample of the portraits made by him.

My photographs definitely do not do justice to the work. But the point is that Banajit is indeed gifted. I wonder how many such stories remain hidden among us and may be destined to stay that way? Could there be a fairy tale ending to this story at least? I wonder and I wish.

Would you have any suggestions to take Banajit to the next level with his talent? Any advise? Any connections? Any opportunities for work aligned to what he is really good at?

Internet fairies and good folks of etherland, this story is now yours to complete or abandon!

Looking forward.

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